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It’s funny, in all my visits to Epcot, I’ve never noticed this.

There did used to be a Kodak VIP room there. Now, it’s a manager’s office for Future World West Attractions.

According to, at one point Kodak was thinking of pulling their sponsorship in the late 1990s. “Kodak was also growing weary of consistently investing the Imagination pavilion for the name-on-the-door and a substandard VIP lounge.” The author also says in a footnote: “Seriously, I’ve visited almost all of Epcot’s VIP lounges in the past and Kodak’s was so completely inept that I can’t say I blame them for being upset.”

Kodak, instead of just opening the lounge to employees, also invited shareholders to use their lounge. The following is a screenshot of the page on Kodak’s website touting this perk, as the page appears today.

The image links on the page are broken, but the page does still exist — just don’t expect to take Kodak up on it if you happen to hold shares, as they did end their sponsorship of the Imagination Pavilion in 2010.

As for other VIP lounges, I found a forum post from a couple years ago listing most of them, and what they are now (for the ones that are no longer VIP lounges):

ACTIVE Lounges:
Siemens’ Base 21 at Spaceship Earth
HP’s Red Planet Room at Mission: SPACE
GM’s VIP Lounge (Unnamed?) at Test Track (99% sure about this one-but the lights are still on and the decorations are still up)

The old Fedex lounge at Space Mountain
The old Exxon lounge in the Universe of Energy (Reclaimed as offices for Ride & Show Engineering)
The massive MetLife lounge in Wonders of Life. (Reclaimed as Outdoor Foods offices and event spaces, and as a training area that has now be re-reclaimed for some special project.)
The old Kodak lounge at Imagination! (Reclaimed as offices for Epcot Future World West Attraction)
The old Kraft lounge at The Land (Reclaimed as a continual training area called “The Treehouse”)
The old United Technologies lounge at The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Absolutely my favorite lounge, hands down. Have your wedding there. (Reclaimed as event space)

The author of this post forgot the VIP Lounge in Norway, which used to be used by Norwegian Cruise Lines but now is used for special events and Illuminations dessert packages.

And over in the Magic Kingdom, there is/was the AAA Lounge on the right side of Carousel of Progress (some sites say it’s still open, others say it closed several years ago). I’ve also seen mention of an Annual Passholder’s Lounge and a Delta Lounge at the Magic Kingdom.

They are places for the employees of companies who sponsor attractions to get away from the crowds for a while and enjoy some nice Florida air conditioning. I don’t think there are many business meetings going on in there. However, people who do have access can enjoy complimentary beverages, so I guess you could say that they are used for avoiding paying $3.00 for a Coca-Cola.

They’re basically just places for people who work for sponsors’ companies to relax during their day at Epcot.

Generally, you get in by typing your PIN number on a keypad in an out-of-the-way location. For example, the Test Track lounge is around the right side of the building. They are for employees of the sponsors, and those people can get a code to enter.

I don’t have specifics for each lounge (I’ve never been in them myself)…but in the Siemens lounge in Spaceship Earth (Base21), after you access the inside, there is a desk where you sign in. They aren’t devoid of security, there’s someone there to verify access.

If you don’t work for an Epcot sponsor, or know someone who does and accompany them to Epcot, then it’s about as likely as getting into Disneyland’s Club 33 uninvited. In other words, not gonna happen.

As long as we’re on VIP lounges, here’s a video on the making of Base 21 in Spaceship Earth. You can read more about it here.

Bonus: Turn on captions and see how many ways Siemens gets misspelled.

Thank you for adding these Norway VIP lounge pics!

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