Just received more Splash Mountain evacuation photos from someone else…it’s my lucky day today!

These are from Disneyland’s Splash Mountain, evacuated right before the Brer Bear drop with all the bees - an exit route that weaves through a good chunk of the ride. My group was made the “end of the line” (meaning no guests are allowed to linger behind you on the way out, with the Cast Member taking up the front and helping other guests out of the boats).

Of course, we did a lot of hanging back ourselves. At a couple points we had to run to catch up, which is probably why they don’t like people taking pictures - I was in sandals and did almost topple into the water when I rounded one corner. When we reached the exit door the Cast Member smiled and said, “I hope you guys weren’t taking pictures in there.”

I felt a little guilty and said, “This is my favorite ride!” And he just said, “I know, it’s mine too.” Definitely the highlight of my trip.

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    OH MY GOD THE FLOWERS ARE FAKE TOO! You’ve completely invalidated my non-existent childhood memories of Disneyland!
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    Maybe I just have no soul, but I don’t recall ever believing in the literal magic of Disneyland, even when I was a...
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    OH SHIT THE DONKEY ISN’T REAL?! Everything is different now…
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    no. the reason we don’t want you taking pictures is because then it ruins the magic for everyone once you post them...
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